These are ideal for the workplace, a social group or can be run from a pre-arranged studio.

Pilates for Beginners

Learn the fundamentals of Pilates exercise to benefit your health and posture.

  • A for Alignment
  • B for Breathing
  • C for Core

We cover the exercises in the basic repertoire and more! An exercise compendium with photos and clear instructions are included.

Pilates for Osteoporosis

Learn which exercises promote bone density and spinal extension through resistance and weight bearing moves. Know which exercises and moves are contraindicated and best to be avoided.

Pilates using Props

Have fun using foam rollers, toning rings, flexi bands, weights and both soft and spiky balls. This workshop is ideal for giving you ideas for using your own mat and tools at home to broaden your repertoire and practice. There is no excuse for hiding them in a cupboard!!

The spiky ball workshop – from head to toe

This workshop is designed to give your clients effective exercises for releasing tense, tight muscles in your back, neck and shoulders. Also, exercises to free up the hips and reach those trigger points in the glutes and piriformis, not forgetting to release tight hip flexors. However, it all starts with the feet!

“I attended a spiky ball workshop which was brilliant. I felt wonderful after the workshop and found the spiky balls worked wonders in all areas to release my muscle and fascia tightness. I would thoroughly recommend attending Steph’s classes and workshops in the future”
Amanda J, Edinburgh (Pilates instructor)

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