Recent client reviews and testimonials for Fuschia Pilates

Here’s what some of our clients have said about us:

“Wonderful class with Steph at Norton House Hotel on Friday working with large ball and 2 spiky balls. Great core work and relief to some aching muscles. As always a productive and fun class. Thanks Steph”
(Annie MacDonald, Norton, Edinburgh)

“I am a 73 year old lady who suffers from painful arthritis and hypermobility syndrome. I was advised by my rheumatology consultant to take up Pilates to strengthen my core muscles. I have been having 1:1 weekly sessions with Stephanie and I notice a huge improvement in my movement. I do not find it necessary to take so many painkillers now.

I find that the sessions help me to relax as well as strengthening my muscles and improving my movement. If I have any problems Stephanie is so patient and skillful at helping me with the exercises I need to facilitate movement and ease the pain. I really look forward to my weekly sessions with Stephanie.”
(E Strachan, Edinburgh)

“After attending just a few classes with Stephanie, plus a 1:1 session in her lovely studio, I’m already feeling the benefit and am much more aware of my body. I love her whole approach to Pilates and the way she ensures everyone in the class is getting the most out of each session.

I’ve recently changed my Chiropractor and when I met my new Chiropractor and had my initial assessment appointment, I pointed out to him some of my issues/weaknesses which Steph had made me aware of during our 1:1 session. His immediate comment was “she’s good”! This pretty much sums up my own feelings and I would encourage anyone who is lucky enough to attend any of Steph’s classes to have a 1:1, you won’t be disappointed!”
(Anne Mc Kerrow, Norton House , Edinburgh)

“I recently attended an introductory workshop to Mat Based Pilates with Stephanie Bain. This workshop was aimed towards a less experienced Pilates participant or those who wished to understand more about the Pilates method and its origin to modern-day techniques. Stephanie covered the basics very well and gave a brief insight into how Pilates evolved into our health clubs and studios; detailing the basic to more challenging moves. It was also interesting to use the matwork props such as Pilates ring, exer-bands, balls and foam rollers to further progress and intensify Pilates practice.

I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and felt it was pitched well to the participants without overloading with too much progression. Stephanie has a wonderfully calming but fun method of delivery and I’m confident to say that the group thoroughly enjoyed this fundamentals workshop. Thank you Stephanie.”
(Carole Myles, Pilates Instructor, Edinburgh)

“Stephanie makes me feel a foot taller after every visit. I have been to a few different Pilates classes but Stephanie is the most skilled, particularly when she gets us to use the chi balls or the rings. In her lovely understated way, she is better than all the rest. She has given me lots of handy hints and is a wealth of information on Pilates and band work. I go to Stephanie for Pilates as I am guaranteed to feel better after each of her classes.”
(Maxine, Edinburgh)

“I recently had a session with Steph in the new studio and it was FAB. I would recommend a 1-1 as I got a better insight into what exercises I should be focussing on. I will definitely be returning.”
(Annie , Edinburgh)

“Stephanie introduced me to the Pilates Reformer in her beautiful new studio yesterday. I found it to be a gentle, easy helpful way of exercise, especially for strengthening my upper arms and shoulders. Thanks, Steph!”
(Jen, Edinburgh)

“Wow! What a great session I had with Steph yesterday. The reformer was excellent and there is a markedly significant improvement in my back already. I will definitely be having regular sessions with her.”
(Mary, Edinburgh)

“Another first class 1-1 Pilates session,which Steph tailor made to specifically target my neck and shoulders at my request. There was a huge improvement afterwards in flexibility and I felt a marked reduction in pain.”
(Trace, Tranent)

“Excellent first session on Steph’s Reformer at her lovely Fuschia Pilates studio – if you haven’t tried it yet, highly recommend you book in soon! Also satisfyingly achy today! Thanks Steph, I’ll be back for more.
(Carolyn, S Queensferry)

“Just had a most helpful session at Fuschia Pilates. I can recommend it to anyone who needs to work on their posture and declining physical health with age.”
(Jennifer, Edinburgh)